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One more dab of paint (guest post at

One more dab of paint, one more piece of the puzzle, one more way to connect with God… So excited to announce that I’m guest posting today on my all-time favorite blog. Come visit? And set aside some time to come back and then read everything Addie Zierman ever wrote?

I remember the moment that the pieces clicked into place. I was sitting in a stuffy art history room, taking notes in the ambient light from the slide projector. As a college graphic design major, I liked the idea of studying History of Modern Art. As the daughter of a watercolorist who painted realistic scenes, I was skeptical. Picasso? Mondrian? Who cares about a big red square?

And then my professor explained that these artists weren’t celebrated for their accurate drawing skills. They were not lauded for their attention to detail or the caliber of their brush strokes. Rather, they’re famous because they expressed their views of the world in a whole new way. They started with the same traditions and skills as the rest of the world, and then.

And then.

Then [read more here]

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