Prayer, Creativity & Faith

Creativity is my thing. And I really, really love books. All kinds of books. I love it when the design and words add up to something even greater than the sum of its individual parts—and I would love to put that skill set to work for you.

I’ve been publishing work in the nonfiction / inspirational writing category since 2015 and won some writing awards, which are briefly mentioned on my About page, along with awards for graphic design and communications. I’ve had three books traditionally published (with a fourth releasing in the late fall), and I’m hoping to release a memoir in early 2024. In addition, I’ve designed and written prayer prompt journals, prayer calendars, prayer-related products, devotionals, and a gratitude journal. 

Imagine a Venn diagram with three overlapping circles: FAITH, ART, and WRITING. My favorite place is in the space where they overlap. A unique, creative approach has made my previous work stand out—and yours can, too.

If you’re feeling stuck, indecisive, or unsure about your writing project, I’d love to help. Browse the list below for some of the services I provide. My expertise is in nonfiction, whether it’s narrative nonfiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, essays, Christian living, inspirational, devotions, workbooks, or something else entirely. Costs are approximate. If your parameters vary, I will prepare a revised estimate before the work begins. 

Manuscript Evaluation

Submit up to 25 pages of your work-in-progress for feedback, along with answers to some questions I’ll send you about your anticipated audience, your goals for the book, and so on. I will review it and reflect on it over a couple weeks, then provide in-text comments/edits, an editorial letter, and one 30-minute phone or Zoom call to discuss ideas and answer your questions.

Timeline: two to three weeks
Cost: 10 pages: $120. 25 pages: $270

Structuring your content creatively

Brainstorming on book structure/how best to present information for a creative nonfiction or inspirational book, ways to frame the story, identifying connecting threads and themes, adding value to the manuscript to make it more interesting and rich (examples: checklists, action steps/exercises, downloads to enhance content, quizzes, etc.). Writers submit info from a checklist provided (chapter list, basic overview of book content and audience, and 3-4 sample chapters, plus your publishing goals and background). Approx. two weeks later, I will provide written suggestions, ideas, and brainstorming, during a 30-minute Zoom call.

Timeline: two to three weeks
Cost: $270

Maybe you’ve finished writing, but you have no idea how to turn your words into an actual book. Check out some samples of ways I could help you here.

Book cover design

Provide the book size, depth of spine, audience, synopsis, and copy for back cover. If you have specific images you’d like to include, provide those up front. You will receive a minimum of three front cover designs, and upon selection of one, I will then format back cover as well and provide ready-to-upload files for you. Does not include custom illustration but does include royalty-free photos or illustrations. If super complex or highly specific imagery is required, I will prepare a revised estimate for your specific need. 

Timeline: three weeks
Cost: $400

Interior formatting of print book

When you are absolutely, positively sure that your manuscript is ready to be published and you’ve selected the page size and publisher, I can format the book for you. You send me a Word file, and I will design three spread layout options to consider (containing title, page numbers, and chapter opener). Once you select one, I will then format the entire book to match.

Note: this includes one minor round of small copy edits, but not numerous line-by-line edits. If those are required, you will be billed hourly at a rate of $50/hour for those. When complete, I will provide you with a PDF file that is ready to upload to KDP or Ingram or another printer. This does not include front cover design or ebook files. 

Note: acceptance of formatting jobs is dependent on my existing workload and other commitments. I may not be able to take every one of these projects.

Timeline: three weeks
Cost: $300-600, depending on book length (print-only books that require extensive design may be quoted separately)

Perhaps you’ve already published your book—or you don’t have a book, but you’re part of a ministry and you’d like to start offering resources to your people. See some samples of my branding work (for authors and other clients, too) here.

Brand Building

Submit requested info (links to social media and website, etc.), genre, summaries of book(s), target audiences, etc., then receive a general evaluation of your online presence as well as marketing ideas to help grow your brand. Includes:

    • audit of your online “brand” presence—what impressions your image currently makes, ways to make your brand more visually coherent (fonts, colors, logos, tone), design critique and considerations for building on the foundation you’ve already established; 
    • promotional item ideas (5-10 ideas for giveaways, swag, free downloads to create, and so on);
    • links to online communities or audiences to consider tapping into;
    • all info provided in a PDF, but you can opt for a 30-minute Zoom or phone call to discuss.

Timeline: three weeks
Cost: $450

Promotional Item Brainstorming

Whether you just want something interesting to share at book signing or speaking events, or you’re wanting to wow potential influencers with a box full of thoughtful, relevant promotional materials, I’d love to brainstorm ideas. There is nothing wrong with bookmarks, pens, and business cards, but there are so many options that leave a more lasting impression—and ways to use the standby products in interesting ways. Answer a few questions about audience, theme of your book(s), quantities needed, and so forth, and I’ll come back to you with a bunch of brainstorming, which includes links to actual products, vendors, and pricing ranges.

Timeline: one to three weeks.
Cost: $150 for 5-10 promotional product options or $350 for a more comprehensive influencer box concept

Author Logo

If you’re in this writing industry for the long haul, you may want an actual logo (even if it’s simply a typographic treatment of your name). Numerous online resources can help you “design” a logo, but if you are looking for something that is uniquely you, and designed strategically with your particular niche in mind, I would love to help. Send me links to any existing online presences you have (social media, websites) and any books you’ve published. I’ll send you a handful of questions about the type of image you want to portray, genre, audience, etc. Then I will send you 4-6 logo designs to consider. You may request revisions on up to two designs. Upon selection, I will provide the logo to you in multiple file formats and in color, black, and white. After that, it’s all yours—you may use it in any way you wish—on your website, social media, promotional items (shirts, pens, bookmarks, cups), business cards, and more. (If you need help creating those items, I’m glad to help but there will be an additional fee, depending on the request.)

Does not include custom or highly specialized illustration or graphics, but does inclue graphics (photos or illustrations) that are royalty-free and licensed for unlimited use.

Timeline: two weeks
Cost: $400


Maybe you want to offer your audience downloadable content, need a journal or workbook formatted for your audience, want to develop a series of social media graphics, or want to create other products, worksheets/printables, or promotional items. 

Whatever it is, email me to discuss your project and we’ll see if it’s something we can do together! And check out some examples of my design, product, and promotional products I’ve created for myself and others here. You can see some social media graphic series here.

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