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Welcome to installment #5 in a series called Making Scripture Your Own. (Read intro post here.) Today’s author, Diana Rockwell, is a sweet woman I met through a Suzie Eller retreat several years ago. Her kindness and compassion shine through immediately upon meeting her, and I’m grateful she offered...... More »

For and against

People have often asked me, “How can you be for __ and still be a Christian?” Well, the question itself is based on a faulty premise, just as many of the memes which try to simplify voting positions are misleading. We want the answers to be simple, and in...... More »


I’m excited to share installment #4 in a series called Making Scripture Your Own. (Read intro post here.) Jama Kehoe Bigger is just one of the best people I’ve ever known. I met her through her role as director of the Midwest Writers Workshop—she is another of the treasured...... More »


Welcome to installment #3 in a series called Making Scripture Your Own. (Read intro post here.) Gail Werner is a real-life friend of mine—one of several really amazing writer-friends discovered through the Midwest Writers Workshop. She’s much younger than I am but she is who I want to be...... More »


This is installment #2 in a series about Making Scripture Your Own. (Read intro post here.) One of the things I love about Michele O’Leary is that God has truly transformed her perception of herself so that she understands her true identity—who God says that she is, and who...... More »

Making scripture your own

Have you ever asked anyone what their favorite scripture is and why? When I’ve seen this question answered, the responses have been so moving. Insightful. And really beautiful. So I’m going to be sharing some of my friends’ answers to this question—starting with mine. Interestingly, right after I had...... More »

The Love Offering podcast

Even now, even when prayer should be at the top of our list of things we want to do, I still struggle. I think I always will. But you know what? At the exact same time, I still have faith. I still believe prayer matters. I still witness changes...... More »

The freedom of true friendship

This post first appeared as part of the Sisterhood Ministries blog series, “Her Story.” Senior year of high school I walked around the corner to see my very best friend surrounded by a bunch of laughing girls. At lunch, they’d been talking about a party one of the girls...... More »

I. Can’t. Even.

First published on the blog at Faithfully Following Ministries. I. Can’t. Even. I can’t even believe the things some people say. I can’t even stand the bickering and belittling I’m witnessing. I can’t even wrap my head around this pandemic. I can’t even figure out what to do next....... More »

Praying Big

  This is a post I wrote for the Praying Big Prayers to Our Amazing God series at Faithfully Following Ministries. They featured 14 posts from my book, InstaPrayer: Prayers to Share—different writers, different perspectives, but all really good. Check them out—because they show you how differently we can...... More »