Prayer, Creativity & Faith


Whether you’ve been praying for a long time or are just beginning to, this eight-week adventure will infuse passion and creativity into your communication with God.

  • When your prayers feel uninspired or routine . . .
  • If you’d like to connect with God but you’re unsure how to have that kind of conversation . . .
  • For those times you wonder if God is even listening . . .
  • If you long for a close relationship with God but you feel distant and disconnected . . .

TAKE HEART: You were created to experience life—and prayer—in full color.

Start with daily activities—everything from coloring pages to writing prompts to doodling—and find space to let go of fear and expectations, and discover what it means to engage with the One who loves you.

Join Kelly O’Dell Stanley in Designed to Pray—an innovative way to start viewing God, the world around you, and your faith with a new perspective. It’s what you were designed to do.

From Tyndale Momentum and The Belong Tour of Women of Faith. Print copies are sold out but ebook version is available.

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We were #DesignedToPray

It’s easier to refuse to admit that we believe, because we’re afraid of being wrong about prayer. But so what if we are? #designedtopray

Prayer shouldn’t work. It’s too abstract & God is too big. I’m small & incapable. Yet I believe in it with all of my heart. #designedtopray

In spite of my doubts, I’ve seen the power of prayer. Been transformed, blindsided and struck like lightning by it. #designedtopray

God surprises, fascinates, & baffles me, often all within the same week. It makes me want to ask for more and search harder. #designedtopray

When your experiences color your perceptions of God, you may have trouble fully embracing prayer. Me, too. #designedtopray

God beckons us daily to turn back. To lose ourselves in Him instead of in the momentum of our overscheduled, too-full days. #designedtopray

God doesn’t require us to vary our methods, but I get bored easily. You too? Been there, done that, ready for something new. #designedtopray

Simply by praying, by trying, you'll meet God and be changed. And if you keep your eyes open in the process, you'll see Him. #designedtopray

I would rebrand prayer as rejuvenating and fun. Approaching God with a light heart isn’t irreverent. It’s being real. #designedtopray

I knew I should pray. I knew God would be able to bring me through it. It just took a while before I was ready to let Him. #designedtopray

It’s normal to stumble in prayer. But the best way to keep from falling is to take a close look at the obstacles before you. #designedtopray

The best way to face fear is to lean on God and trust Him even when it is scary. Especially when it is scary. #designedtopray

It’s not always big things that keep us from coming to God. It can be little ones: tired, bored, uninspired. Pray anyway. #designedtopray

I’ve told God how to answer and what to do. And then He's given me the grace to recognize that His way is better than mine. #designedtopray

Sometimes, when we pray, our minds move on to the next thing and whoosh, there go our good intentions, right out the window. #designedtopray

We don’t need to know the right words; all we have to do is spend time in prayer and let God do His thing. #designedtopray

The thought of focusing my thoughts on things above can make me groan. I'm not rejecting God, just the same ol’- same ol’. #designedtopray

Only one crayon to color with? How boring. Jesus brings fullness of color, newness of life, passion, and energy to our days. #designedtopray

God is standing there, expectant, arms open wide. What are we waiting for? #designedtopray

All we have to do to have a relationship with God is to ask. He'll never say no, not now, or maybe if you clean up your act. #designedtopray

Jesus' resurrection is the supreme miracle of Christianity. But to me, the miracle is that we have access to Him. #designedtopray


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