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How do you get moments of gratitude to add up to a full life of abundant thankfulness?

Simple. Write it down. Pay attention, and remember.

Whether you jot down a couple words or a name, or write a paragraph or two pages, this journal will help you capture the things that make your heart feel full. It only takes a minute or two a day to cultivate an attitude of gratitude. This is definitely a case of two plus two adding up to more than four, because when you see page after page of the memories, people, and events that matter to you, you will realize all that you have… and living with gratitude will become second nature. (And a whole lot of fun!)

Work through this journal in any order you want. Straight through, front to back—or hop, jump, and skip through until a prompt jumps out at you. Either way, this journal fulfills the same purpose. Filled with inspirational quotes about gratitude, this journal also provides lined page for observations or to expand your thoughts. Designed to be flexible and fun to fill out, not just fun to look at, this journal is nothing more than a canvas for your life, your thoughts, and your thankfulness. Welcome to a new kind of journal!

Sample prompts include:

What made me smile today
A perfectly ordinary thing that happened today
Something I’m looking forward to
A conversation to remember
People I’m thankful for
A quote that makes me happy
A person who’s encouraged me
Today I o laughed o cried o felt love because …
What makes my heart sing
Three beautiful things I saw today
One thing I learned today
My favorite things about family

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