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And Then I Blinked

My dear friend Terri DeVries agreed to let me use one of her posts on my blog. It’s been ten months since I lost my dad, and I’m still deep in the valley of grief. Terri lost her husband five years ago, which is a completely different thing—and yet...... More »

When my daughter was first born, I thought they just needed to wipe her off. At first glance, she seemed to be covered with a thick coating of white, causing confusion and near-panic with the medical staff in the room. It soon became clear that the towel the nurse...... More »

Today’s guest post is from Sarah Philpott. I’ll share with you her bio from her website,, to give you an idea what her blog is like: Hey y’all! I’m Sarah—a farmer’s wife and mom to two mischievous little kids. I’m a lover of big earrings, the written word,...... More »

At the age of 53, I took up saxophone playing and, surprise-surprise, I gained insights for my writing life as well. #1. Practice pays.                      This may seem obvious, but by the time we’re in our fifties, most of us figure we’ve mastered whatever skills we’re going to master and...... More »

I feel like I’m constantly saying the same old thing on these guest post intros… I met this lovely woman through the Facebook group my agent set up for clients of her agency, and I haven’t met her in person, but I love her… yadda yadda yadda. The thing...... More »

Bekah Pogue got my attention when she wrote such a wonderful review of Praying Upside Down (always a good way to get me to notice you!). I started reading her blog Upcycled Jane: Embracing Beauty in the Everyday, and found this post. When I stopped crying, I asked for...... More »

Laurie Coombs is another one of those lovely souls that I’ve had the honor of “meeting” through shared connections in this business. I am so excited about this book. I think God is in it, through it, around it, behind it, before it—just all over it. His forgiveness is amazing,...... More »

At some point soon, when things are official, I’ll be telling you about some exciting news regarding what I’m working on right now. But for now, suffice it to say that A) it is exciting news! and B) I am going to be extraordinarily busy the next couple of...... More »

Are you jaded?

My friend Marcia, talking about why she loves writers and books and the writing process so much, said, “Books change me.” And they do. Or they should, if they do their job well. I’m possibly the worst book reviewer there is. Really. Because I always take the book and...... More »

That much-anticipated day is here. My book is officially available everywhere. So while I’m scrambling around getting ready for my book release party tonight, I wanted to share with you one of several posts I have on other blogs today. This one is at (in)courage, a site full of...... More »