Prayer, Creativity & Faith

This is a sample of how the Prayer Mapping activity from Week 3, Day 3 of Designed to Pray might look. Click here to download a blank worksheet, or draw your own.

In the first example, I started with Nathan and Peggy, our close friends and pastors, and from there branched out into categories important to them: family, our church, ministry, and life. Don’t worry if you don’t fill in all the circles or if you need to write in additional names.


In the second example, I started with a concept, rather than a name. I started by praying for marriage in general, and then branched out to the marriages of a couple friends (Nate & Peg and Scott & Amy). I prayed for Sandy, a friend who’s dealing with the loss of a marriage, and I prayed for my husband and me. As you can see, I added other categories as different ideas reminded me of other people and things, and I drew lines to connect related items from different sections.Print

There isn’t a right or wrong way to approach this. Just open your mind and heart and let your thoughts go where they may. As you write, offer it all to God as your prayer.