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My prayer

Lord, today, like so many days, I feel so far from You. Yet I know You’re there.

I hate how little I pray anymore. At the same time, it feels as though You’ve taken up residence inside me. And you’re not budging. You’ve claimed me.

I am Yours.

This is the beauty of grace. It defies reason. And I’m so outrageously glad.

Help me, Lord, to fan the flame You’ve placed within me. To nurture Your presence inside me. To remember that You are there. To talk to You. Listen. Feel.

That word reverberates deeply as I write it.  F E E L .  Stop closing off my emotions. Be willing to be soft, sensitive, vulnerable.

Because whatever I’m feeling (or not wanting to feel), the fact remains that You love me. That’s where the hope lies—in You.

“Be still,” You whisper. “Be still and know that I am God.”

I still my mind. I know in my heart. I abide with You in my soul.


2 Responses to “My prayer”

  1. Thank you for your transparency, Kelly. It was just what I needed to hear. At times, I get so discouraged and feel like just giving up on this writing thing. Other times, I feel like God must be shaking his head when I give in, yet again, to my cravings, my anger, my inability to “do good” and saying, “Again???” Good words for me to remember today.

    • Thank you, Mary. Don’t beat yourself up… It’s only human to struggle with these things. But I believe God is pleased every single time we turn away from those things and turn towards Him. Just keep turning :-).

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