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Wednesday’s Word: TRANSPARENT

Sometimes we run out of words. And sometimes we have too many of them. Sometimes there’s so much to ask that we don’t even know where to begin. Which is why, on Wednesdays, we simplify to one word. Read more about the idea here.


One of many things I love about watercolors is their transparency. The way the colors seem clear and light, the pigment pure yet soft. Transparent has become a popular buzzword, which makes me not want to like it, but the truth is it is exactly how I want to be defined. I want to let what’s underneath show through. I want the colors and layers to blend, to be complicated and nuanced yet clear and bright. I want to be more than what’s on the surface, and I don’t want to hide what’s inside.

Because, in truth, Lord, I am the accumulation of all of my experiences, a blend of all my feelings and troubles and issues and hang-ups. It’s sure easier to be opaque, to hide all the ugliness under a solid exterior. But then no one can see You inside me. No one can witness the transformation You’re effecting. Seeing a single color is fine and it can be pretty. But the true beauty comes with the layering and juxtaposition. The beauty is in all the colors coming together to make one exquisite work of art.

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