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The ART of Praying Upside Down

Book titles change fairly often. I started out expecting my book to be called Praying Upside Down. Then the folks at Tyndale suggested The Art of Praying Upside Down. I liked that, too. But then there were reasons to be made for shortening it back to Praying Upside Down—all of which I agree with—so I had to wrap my head around it again. But it’s all good. I still love my title. It just sometimes takes me a little while to adapt to changes.

But in honor of the “art” part, I’m going to share a few more blurbs with you. These are quotes about my book provided by artists, or focusing on the art concept, so I am particularly proud of them. Check out these writers if you don’t already know of them. I’ve provided links where it made sense. (P.S. 85 days until my book releases!)

Praying Upside Down offers an invaluable antidote to the prayer life that has gone stale. We can forget the one-dimensional prayers we have been praying before bedtime all these years. Kelly O’Dell Stanley literally turns prayer on its head, transforming it into a fresh, vibrant act of creativity that refreshes the spirit. Take Kelly at her word, and you will never look at prayer the same way again.

Teacher, pastor, and author of Life after Art: What You Forgot About Life and Faith Since You Left the Art Room and Plus or Minus
(see guest post from Matt here)

In Praying Upside Down, Kelly O’Dell Stanley offers us a fresh perspective on not only our prayers, but also the God who answers them. Art has a way of moving and stretching us. Of making us consider our experiences in a new light. Stanley utilizes her first-hand knowledge of the artistic process to shine new truth on what it means to commune with God and the full spectrum of ways we can see His answers manifest in our lives, if our eyes are open. Praying Upside Down will rejuvenate any prayer life, and I believe this work is truly a gift to the body of Christ.

Author of In Capable Arms (you can read what I wrote about her book here)

vision(Look at this gorgeous image from Tim’s website. He is amazing.)

This book is an invitation to pray so much more richly in so many new ways. Kelly O’Dell Stanley expands our horizons about conversing with God not with more instructions but through one experience after another. If you are an artist-type, you will quickly find that she speaks your language. Even if you do not consider yourself an artist, you will be opened up to the Master Artist’s point of view, which, in Kelly’s words, “is quite a view!”

Calligrapher and author of Doorposts

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