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Wednesday’s Word: REFLECT

Sometimes we run out of words. And sometimes we have too many of them. Sometimes there’s so much to ask that we don’t even know where to begin. Which is why, on Wednesdays, we simplify to one word—and, from there, let our thoughts take us where they may. Read more about the idea here.


A reflection is rarely perfect—there’s some dust on the mirror, or a ripple in the pond—but the image is true enough, most of the time, for us to see what it’s supposed to look like. Lord, let me reflect You. I won’t always get it right. It will probably be easy enough to tell that I’m not You. But what if I could reflect just a portion of the light that You shine? What if I could offer a fraction of the forgiveness You’ve granted, the hope You’ve imparted, the love You’ve lavished on me? What if people could look at me—and see You? What if they could look at the imperfect and glimpse perfection? What if I lived my life in such a way that people would long to reach for You?

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