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It’s nearly Easter, yet my soul has not been stilled in meditation. My heart is not fixed on the story or significance of the day. Instead, I’ve been in chaos. Wrestling through my own beliefs, clarifying thoughts, researching and asking and debating with others. It makes me sad when I realize this has not been a season of preparation.

“Or has it?” my soul asks.

This kind of inner turmoil always results in change. In growth. It’s always worthwhile. It always sharpens my beliefs and draws me closer to You.

But it’s hard.

And that’s OK, isn’t it? Because the gospel is hard. Your message isn’t always easy to swallow. The price wasn’t paid lightly. There has to be struggle and sacrifice before there is redemption. We must surrender to You in Your wisdom and might. We have to experience darkness before the dawn. Death before resurrection.

The crushing weight of the stone before it’s rolled away to reveal the glorious open door.

O, Lord, I bow under that weight and I long for resurrection. Raise me up. Turn me into something new.

In Your unparallelled name I pray,

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