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Because light shines in the dark

In light of all the recent, horrific tragedies, I thought I’d share something I wrote years ago. Because truth never changes, and light always overcomes darkness. I’m feeling particularly proud tonight, because when I Googled the word “Chiaroscuro” to see how it was spelled, I discovered I already had...... More »

A Prayer for the Hopeful

Today’s prayer is written by Dr. Michelle Bengtson. She is a sweet, bubbly, lovely, genuine woman I met at Suzie Eller’s Come With Me retreat in April. There’s something about her that just draws people in. I follow her on social media and love her upbeat posts. Her forthcoming...... More »

Prayer for the overwhelmed

Sharing with you the prayer I shared today at the Internet Café… God, it’s too much. No matter how hard I try, how good my intentions, how little I sleep and how much I work, I can’t hold it together. Why do I feel like I have to? Why do...... More »

Prayer for the new year

Oh, Lord, You are so beautiful. You are the Lord of Light. The Giver of Life. The Lover of my soul. The Hope of all generations. And yet we are living in a day that seems dark. Bleak and without redemption. We see hatred spewed online and in newscasts. Distrust in the...... More »

The essence of creativity…

The essence of creativity…

As I’m busy writing my next book, I’m also poring through all of my files. Stacks and stacks of papers. Printed blog posts and online articles. Handwritten notes scribbled over the years as I read books in bed, late at night. Scraps of paper and receipts with “brilliant” ideas...... More »

A faith journey: the real beginning (guest post by Bekah Pogue)

Bekah Pogue got my attention when she wrote such a wonderful review of Praying Upside Down (always a good way to get me to notice you!). I started reading her blog Upcycled Jane: Embracing Beauty in the Everyday, and found this post. When I stopped crying, I asked for...... More »

The word I’m tired of hearing

The word I’m tired of hearing

I’ve been scrolling through social media, deeply disturbed by much of what I’ve read—even the opinions of people who are kind and generous, even the ones with whom I agree. I finally figured out why. Because there is one word that I hear over and over, and it doesn’t...... More »

Don’t do it

Don’t do it

Don’t ever fall into the trap of believing that God won’t come through because of your current (or past) failings. Or that what you have to offer isn’t enough. ~Praying Upside Down Remember this: Nothing can separate us from the love of God. Nothing. Romans 8:38-39 in the NIV...... More »



  Lord, It’s nearly Easter, yet my soul has not been stilled in meditation. My heart is not fixed on the story or significance of the day. Instead, I’ve been in chaos. Wrestling through my own beliefs, clarifying thoughts, researching and asking and debating with others. It makes me...... More »

Hope embodied

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13, NIV God is our source and strength. He is the bearer of hope. All true. But...... More »