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A blurb from Elizabeth Berg!

I finally have all of my endorsements for my book and can share them! Let me tell you, I felt tons of anxiety knowing that my words were being read by some really incredible authors. And I was blown away by the positive, kind responses. I’m going to share them with you, one at a time, over the next few weeks (along with links or info about each author). I’d love for you to check out their work, if you’re not already familiar with it—spread the love!

So this is what the amazing, talented, and lovely Elizabeth Berg had to say…

Like the books of Anne Lamott, so full of honest and soulful searching, Kelly Stanley’s Praying Upside Down takes as its launch pad the precepts of the Christian faith. But what is offered here can apply to anyone, regardless of their faith—or lack thereof. What this book does is offer ways to learn and practice a humble kind of self-inventory, leading to forgiveness and generosity toward others as well as toward oneself. I found Kelly’s spiritual journey compelling and her voice clear, engaging, and irresistible.

Author of The Handmaid and the Carpenter and The Dream Lover

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 1.23.23 PMAs if I didn’t already absolutely love and adore Elizabeth, she compared my book to the one person I’ve always thought of as my “if I could write like anybody who writes about faith” person. Elizabeth taught the writers workshop I attended in Positano, Italy, a couple years ago. In her intuitive, perceptive way, she helped me face head-on the grief I was feeling and encouraged me to let my writing come from that place. And she was so right. Someday I’ll write more on my blog about that experience, but you can read that essay here.

Elizabeth’s next book, The Dream Lover, is going to be amazing, according to all that I’ve heard so far—and the short excerpt I got to hear her read—and it comes out April 14. You can read about and pre-order here.

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