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A blurb from Elizabeth Berg!

I finally have all of my endorsements for my book and can share them! Let me tell you, I felt tons of anxiety knowing that my words were being read by some really incredible authors. And I was blown away by the positive, kind responses. I’m going to share...... More »

Your stage is waiting

I have a soft spot for The Voice and American Idol. As I watch, I think about what courage it took for each of those people to walk into the initial audition room. To believe enough in their abilities and potential that they would perform in front of celebrities....... More »

It truly is grace

I’ve known about this for a couple months, but the official issue of Writer’s Digest came out last week with my name listed: First Place Winner in Inspirational Writing Category! When I decided to attend the Elizabeth Berg Writers Workshop in Positano, Italy, last October, it was a huge...... More »