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Trying to stay afloat

Swimming pools and me… two things that don’t go together. As I lie in the sun, I’m conscious of the sun sizzling my pale, unnaturally white skin. I feel the freckles forming on my face, popping out in the heat like popcorn on a stove. My body just wasn’t made to comfortably withstand heat, so I inevitably end up in the water — even though I’ll have to put on more sunscreen later. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a swimmer, either, so I prefer to lie on top of a raft or inner tube, dangling my feet and hands into the refreshing water but staying safely, for the most part, above it.

My husband is a strong swimmer, and he doesn’t see much of a need for a floatation device. He will hop out of boats in the middle of the ocean to snorkel, diving down to look at the bright colors, coming up occasionally to check on me as I hesitantly float on the surface, life jacket and goggles and all. He dives into pools, swims along the bottom, and feels no fear. Not me

I’ve been reading a lot lately about how churches fall short, about how “church” and “religion” have gotten in the way of so many people’s relationships with God. Some people are turning away from church and trying to find God on their own. And if that works for them, that’s great.

But I think the church is a lot like that inner tube I hold onto for dear life in the pool.
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