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Time for something new

I don’t make a lot of changes with the new year. I consider resolutions, but don’t actually set them, because I feel like I’m just setting myself up for failure. I don’t do well at sticking to something for a long time. Self-discipline is an area in which I could stand to improve :-). At the same time, though, I think it’s important to look for the new, because making changes to my prayer life is the only thing that has helped me work through so many of the stumbling blocks I’ve faced in my lifetime.

Because here’s the truth: God promised to make all things new. We are new creations in Christ. We put off the old and put on the new. The Bible is full of references… so let’s take this opportunity—the new year— to shake up our prayer lives, while we’re already thinking about new beginnings. My January Prayer Prompt Calendar is about trying new things, praying for those in the process of change, giving thanks for things that are new and things that are not.

Beware, though: in keeping with that idea, the dates are all out of order, and some are sideways or even upside down!

Click here to go to the Downloads page, where you can get your calendar for free by simply entering your email address. Then tuck it into your Bible, journal, or notebook, and start asking God to lead you in the new year.

While you’re here, though, will you enter my giveaway? You have until Saturday, Dec. 30 to leave a comment below to be entered in a drawing for this key necklace. In keeping with the idea of trying something new, I had a lovely friend make these for me—as a reminder to pray, perhaps even upside down! I’d love for you to share a tip or trick you’ve used to help yourself pray… but if you don’t have any suggestions, just leave your name and you’ll also be in the drawing for this necklace.

41 Responses to “Time for something new”

  1. Robin Wagganer says:

    I want to thank you for these monthly prayer prompt calendars! So often you have things that did not occur to me to pray about and it has enriched my prayer life. Thank you! And Happy New Year!

  2. Kasey Bridges says:

    I write my prayer list on my mirror with a dry erase marker!

  3. Shirley Burd says:

    I appreciate how often your daily prompt hits close to home. It’s as if, you they were written with me specifically in mind. THANK YOU for continuing this ministry.

    • Kelly O'Dell Stanley says:

      Maybe they WERE written with you in mind… God knows and it’s amazing how he’ll even use something small like my prayer prompts!

  4. Constance Benham says:

    I don’t have a tip. I’ve lost myself because I have quit praying. I don’t like it and need help getting it back. Thank you!!

    • Kelly O'Dell Stanley says:

      Just this past week I wrote those words in my journal–that I’m lost to myself. But the next part is for you, too: We’re not lost to HIM. Hang in there and keep trying. God is faithful and I believe He’ll always draw us back.

  5. nicole says:

    I am always needing help to pray more intently. I try to pray while doing chores that are not as fun – dishes, vacuuming, folding clothes, etc.

  6. Renee Parker says:

    I have really enjoyed using your journal prompts in my prayer journal every month. I have a candle and a scripture card that a friend made for me sitting on my desk. As soon as I go in my study it’s there for me to see and remind me to pray.

  7. Terri says:

    What helps me pray, and to be more intentional and specific, is to write my prayers. I do that in the same journal I use to write my devotionals.

  8. Pearl says:

    Your prayer prompt calendar has really helped me to pray more and the different directions it leads me to everyday. I keep the calendar on my wall in my room so i have a constant reminder to pray.

  9. Amy Bryan says:

    Amy Bryan needs a reminder and this key would be awesome!

  10. Stephanie says:

    Your prayer prompts always make me pray for someone I might not otherwise have thought in need of prayers. I print the calendar and put it at the beginning of the month in my Bullet Journal, and I love it!

  11. Sherilyn Leath says:

    I designate things that I do every day as the time to pray certain specific prayers. For example, the three minutes it takes for the water to boil for my morning cup(s) of tea I use to pray for my grandchildren. I love the key necklace idea!

  12. Thank you, Kelly, for persevering in your mission to enhance the prayer lives of countless women. Your work is a blessing – I trust that blessing is reflected back to you as encouragement and joy, time and time again. p.s. I would love to wear a “pray key” ! 🙂

  13. Diana Correa says:

    I have a journal by my bedside and I write my prayer requests and when I pray I put my hand over journal to include them in my prayer. I have my bible app in my cell as my alarm also

  14. Carol Glaush says:

    What a great way to start the new year. I love the prayer prompts. No tips at this time.

  15. Jodi George says:

    My plan is to post your prayer prompt calendar where I will see it every morning. I am a Realtor and love this prayer key necklace! Happy New Year!

  16. Laura Cooney says:

    Love, Love your books! Just finished designed to pray with my women’s Sunday school. Reading Praying Upside Down now and love it I like to use your prayer wheel.

  17. Nancy Silvers says:

    I love praying scripture-putting me in ones that challenge better behavior, asking myself if I am slipping in areas and such. I love your books, they help me a lot, Kelly, and the key is awesome!!

  18. Jennifer L. says:

    Kelly, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I am so glad I found you. I’ve been reading your blog and using your monthly prayer prompts for about 6 months now. It’s amazing how God brings certain people (even those you may never actually meet or get to know) into your life just at the right times. You are one of those amazing people. Your words, ideas, advice and love for God has helped me in so many ways since I’ve come across your page. Please continue to spread your thoughts. It has been a “key” factor to my inner happiness and relationship with God. (Pun intended haha.) Much Love, Jennifer

  19. Dorothy says:

    Thank you for the prayer calendars. They are very helpful in keeping me on track.

    Happy 2018 !

  20. Dede says:

    I read a book called, Praying In Color, a few years ago about praying for others while doodling. Although I can’t even draw a stick figure, I’ve done the doodling, and also coloring, while praying for others. I also write prayers, using devotionals I’m reading and your prayer prompt calendars for inspiration.
    That is a nifty-looking necklace. 🙂

  21. Staci says:

    thank you for the chance to win and for sharing your creativity/gift! I enjoy the prayer prompts calendars very much. 🙂

  22. Carol B Allen says:

    I read a Christian blog and intentionly say a prayer following this reading.

  23. Kim says:

    What a wonderful way to start this new year! Thank you for all you do to encourage us in our prayer lives.



  24. Kelly O'Dell Stanley says:

    Thank you all for your comments! I just emailed the winner (Amy). Wish I had a key for each of you! Sorry for my belated responses and for being late with the drawing. For some reason, all of the comments went to my spam folder and I didn’t know so many people had commented! Thanks again.

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