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This pyramid scheme is upside down

Well, maybe it’s not a pyramid scheme, but it is kind of upside down. Because, well, that’s how we do things around here. And I’ve had a revelation. Months ago, to be honest, but I suddenly feel like now is the right time.

My project — this book about prayer — needs to be bathed in it.

I’d like to give you a chapter. Not to read, critique, edit, or anything else — but I’d like to entrust one chapter to you. Nobody else. And I’d like for you to pour into my book by praying over, for, about, through (or any other preposition you want to insert here) that chapter. For the people who will read it. For the people in the stories in the chapter. For understanding. For God to be seen. For insight, revelation, truth. For hearts to be prepared for this message and for it to find its way to the right people. For me to get out of the way and let God’s words, God’s light, shine through. For me to truly understand that this project and this story are not about me. I cannot be the focus. I get to be part of the telling, but I need to get out of the way and let God do His thing.

And here’s the thing that might surprise you: I’d love for you to pray even if prayer isn’t really your thing. Maybe even especially then. Even if you feel like you’re pretty unconventional and your beliefs are somewhat undefined. Maybe you’re full of doubt but, deep down, know that God is there even if it doesn’t all make sense to you. Maybe you’re not sure He is there but you’re willing to give it a try. Perhaps you believe in a different God than I believe, but you respect each person’s beliefs and you’re willing to give what you know and have to offer. Or maybe you are diligent and disciplined in your prayer life and will include this prayer as part of your daily ritual. It would be absolutely fitting for the book’s content to have a bunch of unconventional and/or different perspectives and approaches.

And it would make me really, really happy.

I don’t care what specific things you pray, or how. Just that you do pray. That you do me the great honor of partnering with me in this way. That you believe in the ability of God to do great things — even if it is all for one person. Just one. Maybe that person is you, maybe it’s me. Maybe it’s someone we’ll never meet. I don’t know. But I want to handle this responsibly and appropriately, and in that respect, prayer is really the ONLY way to go.

I do not need to know how, when, or how often you pray. I will simply trust you to hold up your end of the bargain, and to lift up this project periodically until the book comes out. The publication date is eons away (to this instant-gratification girl, it seems “sometime in 2015” is at least a lifetime or two from now), but the writing is due in January. I’m in pretty good shape, although there’s lots of polishing and fine-tuning still to do. I have prayed about this book for about two years, but it’s time for me to ask some others to help me… Even though I don’t have a finished product yet. Even though I don’t know the people you’ll be praying for. Even though I don’t know how or when or even what I want you to pray. Just because I know it will matter.

So, what do you think? Willing to invest? To try something new? It doesn’t cost a penny — but has a potential for a great return. (That, plus my undying gratitude.) Comment below or email me if you want to be part of my prayer team. And thanks for helping me stay balanced in this topsy-turvy endeavor.

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  1. Brandilyn M. Beavers says:

    I feel so blessed to just know you!! Great Job!! Will be praying for you too!

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