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The definitive Kelly O. Stanley Holiday Gift Guide

OK, that’s overstating it a bit… but I wanted to talk to you about some of the things in my online shop. EVEN THOUGH I hate sales copy as much as the next person. I have difficulty believing in someone’s sincerity when I think they just want to sell me something. And, I’ll admit, I have a lot of trouble accepting friend requests from people who sell jewelry, health supplements, or personal training, because I just want to connect with PEOPLE, not feel guilted into buying stuff.

And yet, here I am, hawking my wares again. It’s one of the most difficult parts about writing and creating—the sales pitch. I wish I could just create all day long, give everything away—and still, somehow, have all the money I need to live… The thing is, that’s not how it works.

So I ask your forgiveness and I beg your indulgence as I remind you about all the things I have for sale. If it helps at all, know this: I really believe in the products I make, or I wouldn’t bother making them. Among the most meaningful things in my life are the notes I get from people thanking me for helping them find the words to pray or for providing them a product that they were able to use to share with a friend to start important conversations.

And the best part for you: nothing here is expensive. All of my items fall in the price range of $5 to $15. That’s it. So even though these people deserve so much more than a gift between $5 and $15, I have lots of gift items perfect for teachers, Sunday school leaders, church staff, secret Santa exchanges, coworkers, your hair stylist or manicurist, Bible study groups, book clubs, friends, and family. Check them out.



My first two books, Praying Upside Down and Designed to Pray, are available through all online book retailers (or in person at my studio). In addition, I have a coloring devotional/journal called Finding Your Way that makes a great gift—for people of all ages. I also have a small number of the brand new Sisterhood Ministries Journal on hand (or you can buy them here), which includes quotes and scriptures about sisterhood and plenty of room to write. I also have a few of my self-published Prayer Prompt Journal available—they’re on clearance, so they may not last long.

Signed books make thoughtful gifts and I am happy to personalize and ship them to you. If interested, reply to this email and we can work that out (but the books aren’t available through my website, so you won’t be able to get signed books without talking directly to me).

Note: most book links are Amazon affiliate links, which means that if you purchase using that link, I earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. But absolutely feel free to buy these books from any bookseller you like!



Calendars—What do you get when you combine words and colors and creativity and quirkiness and several hours of my time? This. I love creating these calendars. This is only the second year I’ve had year-long calendars printed. Before that, I made a new one each month. But by getting 12 months done at one time, it allows me to have them printed… and frees up my time through the year for some of these other things.


Stickers—People always ask me how to use the prayer prompt stickers. There are lots of things you can do with them—the simplest is to stick them in a prayer journal and write prayers next to them. But you can do that on index cards or note cards you mail to friends, too. Stick them onto pieces of colored paper and then use them as bookmarks or reminders to yourself that you can hang around your desk or on your fridge. Some people stick them onto the pages of their planners and calendars as a reminder to pray. There are lots of ways to use them. I have nine different sets (some square, some round). One of my favorite sets is Prayer Journal for a Friend—these are prayers designed to help you pray for all different area’s of a friend’s (or family member’s) life. Place them in a small journal or notebook, and write a short prayer every day for a month (or whatever), then offer it as a gift. Prayers for Marriage is really popular, and I love the Prayer Palette, a Faith of Verbs, and One Word sets to use on cards and envelopes and calendars as prayer reminders. Some of the others are: Prayer by the Numbers, Writing Prompts, 40 Quotes, and Doodle/Activity Stickers.


Prayers to Go, or Keychain Prayers—I call them something different every time I talk about them. These are colorful rings of business-card-sized cards, sized just right to take with you wherever you go. Tuck them into a purse, backpack, diaper bag, or the center console of your car, and pull them out when you are waiting in line. I have Keychain Prayers, themed around being on the go; Patterns of Prayer, which as a colorful reminder of the basic elements of prayer, and 20 Simple Prayers to Pray Throughout a Busy Day, my most popular set. Some friends keep this on their desks as a constant reminder to pray—and as a help finding the words to pray. As you all know, I’m a new grandparent, so I really loved creating the A to BOO to Z prayer cards—adorable little monsters on cards with each letter of the alphabet. Use them for prayer time with kids. There is space to write in names that start with each letter, or other words or prompts that you think of. It’s a great way to show kids that prayer can be fun and that everything under the sun can be prayed for.

Perfect size (and price) for stocking stuffers and gifts for prayer groups, Bible studies, or small groups: $5 apiece, or a complete set of all four for $17.

And that’s it for me. But I want to point out one thing: EVERY SINGLE sticker set and card set is on sale right now through December 1.

Thanks for sharing a little of your pre-holiday reading and/or shopping time with me. But before you go, I want to share a few more links to some of my friends’ books and products that I think you’d really enjoy.

Laura Adams Stationery — Absolutely beautiful stationery products
Sisterhood Ministries — shirts, mugs, pouches, cards, and more)
Jingle and Joy — a fabulous advent book by Jodie Barrett
30 Days to a Thankful Heart by Mitzi Neely
Rob O’Dell Watercolors — we still have notecards and prints available of my dad’s work
Any books by Suzie Eller — she’s an inspired (and inspiring) woman who is gentle and wise and genuinely lives what she writes

I could go on and on… but I feel like I already have so I’ll stop there. For now.

If you are a newsletter subscriber, watch your inbox for an extra email or two this month with special sales. And if you are not, and would like to be, please click here. I typically send one or two emails each month with links to download the free monthly prayer prompts and info about what’s going on in my life and any upcoming events. I’d love to have you join me!

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