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A prayer for today—because I trust in You, God.

People who follow me on Facebook know my political leanings (and it’s a safe bet that about half of my readers feel differently than I do), but this isn’t about politics. It’s about trusting God when things don’t go as you hoped. Here’s a prayer I posted on Facebook today. Join me in reaching out to God, whether you are happy or sad (or somewhere in between) about today?

Because here’s the truth. I don’t want to live in fear. I don’t want to be defined by hate. I don’t want to feel constantly disappointed. I don’t want to constantly criticize. I also don’t believe in staying quiet when I think something needs to be said. But my brain isn’t sure how to process current events… So I’ll do what I do when my brain doesn’t know how to process… I’ll pray.

Dear Lord,

You and only You know the future. You and only You know the possibilities for the days and weeks and years to come. You and only You have the potential to effect significant positive change and to bring good out of any situation, whether originally intended for good or not. You and only You can forgive us for our mistakes and give us strength to live for You, and in the ways You have commanded.

You are the God who said, in effect, “Let the children come. Let the weak and the poor and the outcast and the lost come to me. Love like I love and the poor will be clothed and the hungry will be fed. Obey your rulers but change the world by sharing my message. Don’t ever give up—because I hear you and answer. I know what you need. I’m with you. And I’m already victorious.”

So, Lord, when words and ideas and fears and disappointments battle for dominance in my brain, I have to lean on You. I have no other choice. When I feel like I know some of the answers—but they don’t match everyone else’s—I turn to You for comfort and hope and wisdom. When I don’t know what is going to happen to my country, my world, my life, I stand firm in my faith. I stake everything on who You are. I have to believe You are in control. I have to believe that You have already prepared answers for the questions I don’t even yet know to ask. I may be struggling with all sorts of things, but thank You that I do not have to struggle with the assurance that You are my God. You are good and merciful and compassionate and just. You are forgiving and redeeming and healing and hoping. And You are the author of love. You are the giver of love. You are the inspiration for love. You ARE love. And there is NO ONE who is not loved by You. Help us, God, to show it, live it, feel it, and believe it.


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  1. Shanna Hawes says:

    Thank you Kelly for your openness on what many feel about the state of our nation and offering encouraging words of intercession.

  2. Betty Mullaney says:


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