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Prayer for the restless

Lord, my life is pretty good. Things are where they’re supposed to be. I have my family and friends. Good relationships. Steady work. I know—more or less—who I am and what you made me to do.

Don’t think I’m not grateful, because I am. But there’s a part of me that feels restless. Dissatisfied. I long for more. I want something else. I don’t want to make drastic changes. And I feel like I should be happy. I want to feel contentment, to rest in this place you’ve placed me.

I want to serve You better. Serve You differently.

Love You more whole-heartedly.

Know You more intimately.

Believe in You more strongly.

Trust in You more completely.

I’m longing for something more, but I don’t know what it is. I’m feeling restless.

I don’t think this is me being whiny, nor is it envy for what someone else has. I think maybe it’s hunger for something deeper.

If that’s what it is, Lord, then keep stirring me up. Let me be ready, always ready. Allow me to embrace what You place before me. Enable me to see when You reveal, feel when You reach out, hear when You speak. And act when You call me. Help me to never settle for less than all You have to offer.

But if I’m using these feelings as an excuse not to commit, then change me. I don’t want excuses. I want You. I don’t want to fall short. I want to soar higher.

Whatever that looks like. However it happens. No more floundering, no more aimlessness.

Use these feelings to transform me into the me You made me to be. The one You want me to become. The version of me that is better, more grounded in my faith, more generous in my kindness, more genuine in my love.

The version of me that is more like You. Oh, how I long to be transformed. And oh, how I thank You for each step You walk beside me along the way.

My holy and gentle Lord, I am amazed by You.


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