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Creating — like praying — can be a solitary pursuit. But it comforts me to know that I’m not alone in my efforts.

Every Saturday, I’ll post a short writing prompt. If you don’t already keep a prayer journal, maybe it’s time to start one. And if you already journal, will you consider journaling alongside me for a while?

Whatever you write is for your eyes only (and for His), and there is only one rule: absolute truth. If you feel it, believe it, doubt it, hate it, or love it, write it. Don’t hide what you really think, sugar-coat it, or try to make it pretty. This is not an art project that will be displayed for the world to see. You may hide it if you’re worried about someone reading it. It is nothing more than a way to document your own personal process. It’s a way to see God’s active, involved presence, to discover what you believe and explore how specific circumstances challenge or strengthen those beliefs. Because God isn’t only found in the answers. He is found in truth and exploration. He is found in the process.

He is the process. The process by which it all makes sense. The process by which this sometimes painful, confusing, and contradictory life journey attains value.

If you want to share, post your thoughts or insights as comments. If you want to share privately, send me an email. But mainly I just hope that your exploration will open your eyes to something more than you knew when you started. That it will open your eyes, allowing you to see even more of Him. And to realize in a deeper way that you are never, and will never be, alone.

In church, we’re taught that we are never alone. That doesn’t always stop us from feeling alone anyway.

Step 1: Describe a time when you felt completely alone at church.
Step 2: Now imagine God beside you and rewrite the scene, including dialog.

“I learned that I was never alone, that there was Someone always very close by and, indeed, within me, giving me strength in times of weakness and desolation, light in times of darkness, joy in times of great sorrow and pain, and the will to struggle on when continuing seemed futile.” 
― Joseph F. GirzoneMy Struggle with Faith

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