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Welcome to installment #7 in a series called Making Scripture Your Own. (Read intro post here.) Kayla Bernal is one of those lovely friends I’ve found online along the way of my writing career, and although we have yet to meet face to face, I admire so many things about her. She graciously agreed to take part in this series by sharing a post she wrote a few years ago—but it’s still as powerful now as it was then, especially because over time this verse has been tested again and again and still holds true. Read on, and you will be blessed!


Wow! What can I say? It has been quite a journey for our family. We have each learned how to adjust in our own way to cope with my diagnosis and the recovery stages that follow after receiving radiation and chemo treatments. While I expected to return home, brand new, ready to jump back into my once busy on the go life I once enjoyed, that is not what it has been like.

Want some cool behind the scenes info? 
Let me tell you, sister. It is not fun at all. There are days that I have no energy to even get out of bed, times when I feel a sense of panic for no reason, and there are days when I literally forget everything.
My pet peeve is having to ask the same question several times to someone because I can’t remember if I already asked or not. Yup! Talk about annoying!

I have been home from receiving treatments in Arizona now a little over two months, and although I’m still trying to get back into the “Normal Life” groove, it just doesn’t come that easy. Not only has it not been easy on me, but girl, it’s also been downright exhausting at times! I have found myself leaning more than ever on God’s promises. I struggle daily with the thought of what the next few months hold for me. I question everything I do or say. 
I know whatever may come over the next coming months, it is meant to happen, and I will be fine.

Have you ever found yourself in a season, or maybe you are even going through several seasons all at the same time, when you can’t help but wonder, “Where are you, God?” “Do you see me?” Of course you have, we all have at one point or another. Why is that? Why is it that we find ourselves only praising our Heavenly Father when life is going great? We seem to forget that He has not changed, but we have. So why is it that we seem to forget to praise Him during the hard times? 
I’ll tell you why. WE ARE HUMAN. I have been guilty of questioning God’s love in the past, and all it did was frustrate me and weaken my faith. Who wants to feel like that? I know I certainly don’t.

Sister, it is during the most challenging times that I love to share 2 Corinthians 5:7.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.”

This will be a short post, only because I wanted to do a quick check-in and share my 2017 go-to scripture with you and ask that you continue to keep my family in prayer—and please, if you find yourself up against a difficult season right now, know that God has not left your side and He never will. Stay strong, sister! The best is yet to come!

I will be going back to Arizona in March for my follow up visit. I believe that the cancer is gone, and my brain will be back to its fabulous self. I think that whatever plan God has waiting for me in the upcoming year, I will be renewed and strengthened, and that should we face another difficult season, we would be able to stand firm in our faith, continuing to give praise every step of the way.

Friends, as you prepare to walk into a new year, I pray that you would remember how strong and unique you are. When you face those exhausting and overwhelming seasons that bring you to the place of “What do I do,” I ask you to do one thing… Praise Him! Take a step back, catch your breath, head up, shoulders back, and let us walk in faith together.


I am a homemaker, wife, and mom of three—not to mention mom to my best friend, Simba. This dog was a gift after I completed my radiation treatments. Born and raised in a little town in Arkansas, my strength is Southern hospitality. I’ve left the humidity, though, moving to be closer to Mayo for my doctors, so we’re now living the city life in Phoenix, Arizona. And I love love love to get a large coffee from McDonald’s with 6 creamers and 11 sugar packets inside.

I’m a brain cancer survivor, having just celebrated my 4th year of remission. Before cancer, I spoke at women’s ministry events about having unbreakable faith. Over time, I’ve learned that my hope is drawn from past difficult seasons where I physically and emotionally witnessed God’s grace.

I will be relaunching my blog Oct 9th with new content (and keeping some of the old). I share about being a cancer survivor and the struggles that come with cancer. I blog about lifestyle, brain cancer, living with chronic pain, and all things motherhood.

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