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Starting over in prayer

Is anyone else surprised to discover that it’s almost 2016? Somehow, every year I’m surprised by how close together Christmas and New Year’s Eve are.
Yeah, I know. It’s the same every. single. year.

So better get this printed out and hung on your fridge… or your mirror… or wedged into the center console of your car. This blog, and my book, are all about prayer. But do I consider myself a dedicated or accomplished pray-er? Not so much. I’ll gladly share my best secret tip, though: Try again. Didn’t pray this morning? Try this afternoon. Didn’t pray today? Try again tomorrow.

I fall short all the time. But instead of beating myself up, I just keep trying. I ask God to help me and to forgive my lack of interest. I ask Him to renew me, to help me focus. And then tomorrow, if I find myself in the same place, I stop for a moment. Say a short prayer, and ask for help. At that point, I’ve already prayed more than the day before. And I do that, over and over again. And you know what? Over time, I grow. Over time, I desire more of God. Over time, I discover that I’ve spent more time with God than I thought.

God’s always listening, even if it doesn’t feel like it.

Even if you forget to talk.

So let go of your guilt, and let’s start fresh again together. In January of 2016. Which is less than two days away.
[ w o w ]

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Happy New Year!

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  1. Katherine Jones says:

    Thank you for this! Going on my bathroom mirror. Be blessed this new year!

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