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I’ve been working towards publication of my book for around three years now and I’ve had a contract for over a year. So it really threw me when I got an email from my publisher requesting my official author photo and bio — and I panicked.

I don’t want people to see me with my braces and the big gaps left by the teeth I had pulled. I need time to find a good anti-wrinkle cream and figure out how to lighten the bags under my eyes. I need to lose 20 pounds (or, let’s face it, 50). My platform isn’t big enough. My book isn’t good enough. My spiritual life isn’t strong enough. I don’t have enough contacts. I need more blog posts. I’m stressed. I have work piled up for the next few months. I need to make cookies. Balance my checkbook. Take a nap.

Finally, I made myself stop.

Just stop.

And I prayed — what is it, Lord? Why am I freaking out?

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