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I don’t just write books. I also write IN them.

Today, I’m really happy to share with you one of the first posts I ever wrote for the Internet Café, before they’d invited me to be a regular monthly contributor. I love the women there—so many different personalities, and yet so many women seeking God with all that they have, all that they are. So inspiring. And I’m so proud to get to share there every month. This month, as I’m gearing up for my book release, they suggested re-running one of their favorite posts. So without further ado…


Important disclaimer: I am fully aware of the fact that I am, have always been, and likely will always be a geek.

I couldn’t wait for college.

All the usual reasons — getting away from the small town I lived in and my parents and all the people who thought they had a right to know my business. But it wasn’t just about running away — it was about running to. To new friends, new knowledge, and new experiences. Oh, and also because I’d heard you could write in your books.

Until then,… {read more at the Internet Café}

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