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Giving it all away

I love reading what people have to say about Praying Upside Down. Granted, so far I’ve been lucky and just had a couple slightly negative comments (all within otherwise excellent reviews). When I get my first really bad one, one of you will need to show up with chocolate or invite me to join you for coffee. (Or a jumbo top-shelf margarita.)

Right now I have 29 reviews on Amazon. I’d love to hit at least 50… and I need your help.

But I hate asking for help and not offering something in return. So if you will post a short review on Amazon or Goodreads, I’ll enter you in a drawing for the following prizes:

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.35.13 PM

If you’ve already posted a review or entered my earlier Facebook giveaway, you can still enter this one! And you can enter twice if you post on both Amazon and Goodreads. To enter, just paste the link to your review(s) in the comments at the end of this post before June 15. I’ll email all the winners at the same time, and the first one to respond will get their first choice, and so forth.

As much as I hope you will say nice things, this isn’t about my ego. Having a large number of reviews helps the book get noticed by potential readers and the words you say can help someone who’s on the fence decide to click the “purchase” button. So this is a wonderful—and much appreciated—way to help. Thank you!

13 Responses to “Giving it all away”

  1. Susie says:

    I left a review at Amazon –

    I am not sure that link is correct, but it is what was in the address bar – I just received notification that it “went live”.

    I’m so very much enjoying, and savoring this book. It is really, really special

  2. Susie says:

    I placed my review on Goodreads as well; because I want as many people as possible to read this book. I’m not even finished yet, and it is really blessing me and filling my heart with joy already. Thank you so much for writing it, and sharing your testimony as well as the artist’s techniques to help me see differently and break out of imposed walls that keep me from enjoying my God.

  3. I reviewed this great book on my blog and also reviewed it on Amazon here: (I hope this link works because I want to be entered in the contest!) 🙂

  4. missie bickel says:

    kelly, i am your #1 fan! i look forward to discovering new things in this book all of the time. thank you!

  5. missie bickel says:

    and if you don’t remember. . .here’s my comment on amazon!

  6. Kay Nannet says:

    Enjoying the book so much and think an accompanying journal would be great! I have started my own for now!

  7. Goodreads (I tested the link and it goes to my review for me…whether it goes for you is another story…hope so) and Amazon Again, not sure if this is my profile or if everyone can view it. I’m not sure how to send you the link to the actual review…sorry.

  8. Michelle D says:


    I also just submitted one on Goodreads but can’t paste it without using this entire comment because I am on my iPad.

    So nice of you to do this!

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