Prayer, Creativity & Faith

Color and Pray #1

One of the many things I love about the Christian faith is the fact that, woven throughout the whole story of Jesus, there is a thread of hope. We don’t have to despair about where we are (or where we’ve been, or what we’ve done) because there is always something more to look forward to. God is bigger and more capable than any enemy. More loving and protective than any family or friend. And even though His love for us is so large and incomprehensible, He never gives up. God will renew and restore us. He will redeem us and form us into something completely new. He always has more to offer and He is not limited by our thinking, our rules, or our lack of faith. It’s impossible to grow bored by God because there is always something new to discover—just keep looking.

Download this page to color while you pray about new beginnings. Let the Holy Spirit guide you as you pray.

Excerpted from FINDING YOUR WAY: A Place to Color, Write, Pray, and Explore.

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