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Christmas is all about giving…

God giving His Son to us. Life. Renewal. Freedom. Love. I could list gifts for days — months, years, decades — because God’s gifts are immeasurable and unending.

Really, we have all we need. God has already provided it.

Probably not a single one of us needs more stuff. But I’m offering some stuff to you anyway, just a small token of appreciation for your support. Every Monday of December, starting tomorrow, I will do a giveaway. To enter, you need to subscribe to my blog. If you already subscribe, you’ll be included. If you do not, all you have to do is scroll down. In the lefthand sidebar, below the Writer’s Digest Winner seal, you can subscribe to follow my blog via email. Or if you have a WordPress blog, you can add it to the blogs you follow with just one click. I’m trying to be more organized about my posting schedule, but you will usually only get one or two posts a week, so you’re not signing up to be inundated, I promise.


If you enjoy any of my posts or know someone who is interested in prayer, art, or both, please spread the word about the giveaway. On Monday, December 2 (tomorrow) I will be giving away Ann Voskamp’s newest book, an Advent devotional called The Greatest Gift. Its readings are designed to begin on Dec. 1, so I’ll mail right away so you won’t be too far behind!

Then, in no particular order, I will be giving away Making Manifest: On Faith, Creativity, and the Kingdom at Hand by Dave Harrity, a fascinating book of devotional meditations. Life After Art: What you forgot about life and faith since you left the art room is a wonderful, inspiring book by Matt Appling that came out this year. It just makes me happy, so I want to share. I’m also giving away a gorgeous little Create Every Day journal. The last giveaway, for Dec. 30, I haven’t decided upon yet.


Remember, to enter you must subscribe to the blog. You won’t be entered simply by clicking Like on my blog or on Facebook — although I would be happy to be Liked, too :-).

Hoping that your month of December is calm, beautiful, and that you spend it surrounded by people you love. And maybe that you get a little package from me in the mail along the way.

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  2. […] WINNERS of this week’s giveaway are Geraldine Donoghue and Alison Bliss. Yes, I decided to draw two names because I have a couple extra prizes. Geraldine and Alison, please email me ( and let me know which item you’d like: Making Manifest, Life After Art, Create Every Day, Lynn Schriner “Amazed” CD or Alana Story “Just Offshore” CD. Stay tuned for next Monday’s giveaway, and thanks for entering! […]

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