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Prayer for the non-controversial, invisible Christian

This is a prayer for the non-controversial, invisible Christian.
     For you, the one who flies under the radar. Who doesn’t cry persecution, or rejoice when another self-professed Christian trounces someone with his religion. Who doesn’t jump to conclusions or resort to petty name-calling and judgment. Who reads the Bible as a life-giving source of sustenance and not as a weapon with which to bludgeon unbelievers.
     Who doesn’t even use the word “unbeliever.”
     Who prays, hopes, trusts, holds her tongue, and errs on the side of love. Always love.
     This is for the one who accepts those who are not like her and doesn’t let the differences threaten her own beliefs. The one whose faith is not diminished when faced with opposition. The one whose faith is, in fact, strengthened by different perspectives. The one who is never reactive, combative, hateful, or exclusionary.
     The one I want to be.
This is for you.

Dear Sweet and Gentle Lord,

Thank You for who You are. For being the God of the humble, the loving, and the generous. Oh, how You must grieve at the self-righteous anger, the vicious and vile words spewed across the Internet (and in person), the misguided and hurtful actions perpetrated by people using Your name. Your holy, lovely, truly righteous name.

Oh, Lord, forgive us all.

The hatred has gotten way too much attention, and the true beauty of this life has been overlooked. A life filled with You radiates beauty and goodness. It is saturated with peace and kindness.

Please, Lord, reach down to Your people. The ones who are quietly mourning the damage being done to Your name and to their faith. Reward them for their steadfastness by giving them an increasingly fulfilling, authentic experience with You. Whisper into their ears as they sleep peacefully at night. Nudge them, gently, when an opportunity to serve appears in front of them. Soothe their souls with fresh knowledge of Your magnaminous, all-consuming love.

Every day, renew their strength. Show them new heights of grace and new depths of generosity. Flood them with love, with an abundance of goodness and a sense of contentment beyond their wildest dreams. Let them feel You, see You, hear You, and know You. Shine so brightly into their lives that there will be no darkness left to be seen—anywhere. Radiate truth and goodness. Overflow their lives with Your Spirit, and let that be what the world knows of You. Reveal Yourself through the most humble and gentle of souls.

We want to see You. We want more of You, not the god (with a lower-case G) that some Christians are shouting about. We’re tired of shouting. We want the God who whispers and yet is mighty. The One who is holy. The One who saves lives, who redeems and doesn’t destroy. The One who is truly worthy of all that we have to offer. The One who is big enough, capable enough, and present enough to change us—and to change the world.

Lord, help me be true to You and not get caught in the opinions and troubles of the world. Let me hold on to the Truth. To the most gentle, wondrous One of all. Help me never, ever let go of You. Amen.


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  1. Kris says:

    Thank you for this.
    It is salve to the hurting souls of so many who believe that we should follow hard after Christ and let Him fight for us.
    Thank you so much
    Hugs to you!!!

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