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It's official

typewriter higher resTyndale will be publishing The Art of Praying Upside Down in 2015!
I’m feeling excited, nervous, overwhelmed and hopeful, all at once. I feel like God has thrown open the doors — and the windows — and said, GO! It’s time!
You might need to remind me every once in a while what I wrote last week about not letting a blank canvas intimidate me. Because A) The canvas isn’t blank. The book is well underway. And B) It’s not just my story I’m writing. It’s His. And that of my friends and my family and all that I have known and seen up to now. I’m giddy with excitement and feel like I’m overflowing with possibility.
I am so ready to see what will happen.

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  1. arbliss says:

    Such awesome news, Kelly! So very happy for you!!! congratulations!

  2. Praise the Lord..Believe me….God is doing many miracles among His people. He gave you what you needed to be blessed. You are SO worthy of His Blessings Kelly!
    Pastors Michael and Sherri Brooks

  3. Julie says:

    That’s awesome! Congratulations!!

  4. J.R. Roper says:

    So happy for you and excited to read this masterpiece!

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