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Confessions From a So-Called “Prayer Expert”

The lovely Jennifer Dukes Lee, author of Love Idol and one of the most uplifting, encouraging people I know, is featuring me on her blog today. I wrote about what an inspirational example I am. What a good prayer expert I am.

(Or, perhaps, I wrote about how I am the exact opposite of that.)

Join me over there?


Whenever someone refers to me as an expert on prayer, I want to laugh out loud. Then I feel embarrassed for being such a hypocrite—after all, I did write a book about prayer. It’s not an illogical conclusion. Yet I’m not comfortable with that praise. Finally, I open my mouth to try to speak—and close it again without saying a thing. Eventually, I usually move forward as though I didn’t hear that comment after all.

Because if there’s one thing I’m not, it’s an expert.

I start to pray in the shower, often making it only as far as “Dear Lord…” before << read more >>

P.S. The book launch party was fabulous and I’ll be posting soon, possibly tomorrow, with pictures and other info :-).



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