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Learning to Paint

As many of you know, my dad was a professional watercolorist. He painted full-time for 45 years, and once he started painting, he never had another job. One of his favorite sayings, when people asked how long a painting took him, was “three hours and thirty years,” or eventually...... More »

Adding Words + Pictures

  For my birthday in July, a friend bought me a really fun gift—a pocket watercolor set and a 3×5-ish watercolor sketch book. It’s adorable… but I was like, what on earth am I going to do with this?  When I attended the recent Midwest Writers Workshop, Kelcey Ervick, the author of a graphic...... More »

Grateful to my friend Irene Fridsma for sharing her beautiful poetry and art with us here today. She’s a beautiful, talented and amazing woman, and I’m so glad to call her a friend. Paint to the Lord colors of joy colors of sadness Paint to the Lord Bold blocks...... More »