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Still missing

I had another one of those brief, flitting moments again… the thought, “I ought to call Mom” sparking in the synapses of my brain. And then, the heavy thunk of disappointment. Because I can’t. However quick that response comes, it’s never fast enough to keep me from thinking about...... More »

Three years

Today, it’s been three years since Mom died. I miss her. In the last three years, I had an idea, wrote a book proposal, found an agent, signed with a publisher, and wrote the book. Mom didn’t even know I wanted to do this. I miss her. My kids...... More »

Two years

I’d roll my eyes at her (on a good day). Slam the phone down on a bad day. Slam doors when I lived at home (and then, immediately, crank Joan Jett’s song “You’re a Nag” at top volume. I’ve always been subtle.). Lie about how much my new shoes...... More »