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In which I yell at Kelsey and he looks very afraid. Even if that’s not exactly what happened. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and this one seems to tell its own story. But if you have lots of time, click “play” because we talked about story,...... More »

Where Am I Eating?: A pseudo book review

Here’s the thing. As American consumers, we are used to people catering to us. Sometimes we forget — or, in my case, don’t really know — how our products get to us. We don’t know, or maybe don’t care, that some of the workers on these farms are, literally,...... More »

The Next Big Thing

My friend Kelsey Timmerman, banana ninja and famed underwear journalist (he’s one of the top ten underwear journalists in the state of Indiana, I have been told), is author of Where Am I Wearing? and the soon-to-be-released Where Am I Eating? (Click any of those links to read all about...... More »