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When prayer loses its meaning

Dear sweet girl, You lie there in the angle of light bent around the door, in that sheltered, private spot where the light illuminates your papers, but your parents, in the living room downstairs, can’t see you from where they are reclining. The white-painted posts from the stairs...... More »

Heather Caliri is another woman I’ve met through our shared writing but haven’t had the pleasure of sitting down with, face to face. There’s a vulnerability and a sense of acceptance to be found in her words. Her site is titled “Seeking the Easy Yoke,” and through reading her...... More »

Small town living

During my teen years, there was one thing I knew for sure about my adult life: It would not be spent in Montgomery County, Indiana. During my 40s, one thing of which I am absolutely certain: I love living in Montgomery County, Indiana. As we’ve worked on the final...... More »


The house was built by my great-great-grandfather, the one...... More »