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The meaning and miracle of grace

I shared this reflection at my church’s Mid-Summer Peace and Renewal Service. The text is below, or you can click the YouTube graphic to go to the starting point of my message.   “Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will...... More »

Going “all in” for grace

I’m staking everything—my eternity, which I still believe in; my relationship with the Almighty; my soul—on my certainty that there is a beneficent, benevolent, merciful God. A living embodiment of the unlimited grace I believe in. It makes no sense, yet it’s terrifying to let go of this idea...... More »

No matter what… Grace.

Do you really understand grace? I don’t. But oh, how much beauty there is in the sliver of comprehension that I can wrap my head around. I recently read The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning, and it transformed my faith. Well, maybe that’s not exactly accurate. It validated the...... More »

Suzie Eller is hosting a #livefreeThursday linkup on her blog today, and the prompt is grace. She’s right that this is a conversation that we need to have right now—when do we show grace? Do we offer the same grace we’ve been given? What part of that (if any) does...... More »

One Sunday morning when our son, Bobby, was six, he left our pew and walked straight to the front of the church, up the steps onto the platform, right in the middle of our worship. Pastor Nathan was sitting in a chair off to the side, putting the finishing...... More »

Prayer for the hormonal

Lord, there’s not much more aggravating than someone writing off what I’m feeling by ascribing it to hormones. And yet, my hormones are killing me. Maybe not literally. But I am so full of anger and so easily frustrated. It’s easier to yell than to listen, to slam things...... More »

It truly is grace

I’ve known about this for a couple months, but the official issue of Writer’s Digest came out last week with my name listed: First Place Winner in Inspirational Writing Category! When I decided to attend the Elizabeth Berg Writers Workshop in Positano, Italy, last October, it was a huge...... More »