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This letter is for you: the creative one who isn’t creating. Okay, so you haven’t written one word of your latest book (or blog post), performed a single inspiring song on YouTube, recorded a video encouragement, painted a single thing (not a rock or a wall or a canvas),...... More »

Behind the cover

“So, did you design your book cover?” I hear that a lot. The answer is no. “But you’re a graphic designer!” I know that. But people say this often enough that I thought I’d briefly explain. If you self-publish, you can design your own cover. And from what I’ve...... More »

To explore strange new worlds…

Today I’m discussing a topic of great eternal importance, although it might surprise you to read about the Starship Enterprise on my blog about prayer. When they were developing plans for the Starship Enterprise, the designers made a model and hung it from a string. When Gene Roddenberry picked...... More »