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Messy Prayer

God has an amazing way of connecting us with each other. Becky Kopitzke and I share the same agent. During the reach-out-to-everyone-you-know phase of my book promotion, I wrote to her. Turns out, she lives near where my daughter Anna goes to school in Wisconsin. And attends the church...... More »

Do you see what I see? No? Good.

Don’t worry. This post isn’t about The Dress. Well, not really. As a graphic designer, I pride myself on how I perceive color, on noticing the nuances of hues and shades and being able to describe them to my clients. So I confess that this has been kind of...... More »

Grateful to my friend Irene Fridsma for sharing her beautiful poetry and art with us here today. She’s a beautiful, talented and amazing woman, and I’m so glad to call her a friend. Paint to the Lord colors of joy colors of sadness Paint to the Lord Bold blocks...... More »

Palette of possibility

Today I’m posting over at Internet Café Devotions. You may have read this before, but if not, I hope you’ll click the link below to visit us there. But he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God. Luke 18:27 ASV I started looking at...... More »