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You add another item to the grocery list. Hop online to order a couple more gifts on Amazon. Hear your phone ding with a low balance alert. Lovely. Remember that you need to order another stocking because there will be someone new at Christmas this year… where did you...... More »

I used to design and write my church’s weekly bulletin, and I was aware that, for some, certain holidays brought with them sadness. But I believed that surely time healed all wounds. Sure, it was sad when someone died, but I thought it was morbid to dwell on it....... More »

An Upside-Down Christmas (part 1)

Since I lost Mom three and a half years ago, Christmas has been decidedly less fun. The best part of Christmas was finding really fun, quirky gifts that only my mom would like—and lots of them. She did the same for me. But now, she’s not on my gift...... More »

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Congrats, Lisa Ransom Smith! You won Monday’s giveaway (I’m a little behind schedule). You can choose between these two prizes: Matt Appling’s fabulous book, Life After Art, or a Create Every Day mini journal. I still haven’t heard from tyroper, who won a giveaway last week (you entered just by subscribing to my...... More »