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  I’m excited to announce a brand new series on my blog: Think • Write • Pray • Explore. Every Friday morning, I will post a new installment, and each will be loosely based around the theme of the most recent prayer prompt calendar. In the “Think” category, I...... More »

If we filled in the squares on a calendar with our daily prayers, it would look something like this: Help me, Lord. Fix my finances. Mend my relationships. Bless my kids. Heal my friend. Forgive me. (Repeat.) And all of those are legitimate requests. Real, true, vulnerable, and necessary. But I...... More »

Reaching the end

I’ve been kind of busy, you know… what with FINISHING the complete first draft for book #2. Yes, you heard me correctly. Finished! I’ll tell you the truth. Since this wasn’t a novel, I didn’t really need the words “The end.” But it just felt so good to type them....... More »

The problem with prayer

Probably not the topic you’d expect to read here, is it? I write about prayer. I believe in prayer. I’ve seen power and miracles and answers that would knock your socks off. Little requests fulfilled; major mountains moved. It works. I believe that. But the problem? You’re never done....... More »

I wanted to let you know that a new prayer prompts calendar is available now for April—and these calendars are always free to those who sign up for my blog posts. I keep mine on my fridge and since I open it up many times a day (neither of...... More »