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Behind the cover

Behind the cover

“So, did you design your book cover?” I hear that a lot. The answer is no. “But you’re a graphic designer!” I know that. But people say this often enough that I thought I’d briefly explain. If you self-publish, you can design your own cover. And from what I’ve...... More »

So…whaddaya think? I’ll tell you why I like it. It’s hand-painted and hand-lettered (by one of Tyndale’s fabulous designers), so that brings in the art aspect. This optical illusion—the faces and/or chalice—is one that’s featured in the book. (But you’ll have to wait until then to read the whole...... More »

Technical difficulties

Sorry for the silence the last couple of weeks. My RSS feed (an information stream created by my blog) was broken—something so abstract and technological that I was thoroughly stumped until I finally found someone to help. But it be fixed again. Yea! Since no emails went...... More »