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“Oh! I have a house to sell, too! I’ll pray for the woman who’s going to buy it, just like you did! And then it will sell!” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this. While I hope that my “praying upside down” story inspires others, this kind of...... More »

Thank God for the hail!

When your roots are dry and the rains won’t come and then they finally come too late — how God still managed to show up. Join me at the Internet Café today to find out how a hail storm became a huge answer to prayer.... More »

Connecting the dots

In school, I always liked a challenge. I rolled my eyes when something seemed too easy. Like those connect-the-dots worksheets that were so obvious. Take this one, for example: In my youthful snobbery, I’d turn up my nose. Roll my eyes. D-uh. It’s a heart. What’s the point? You’re wasting...... More »