Names of God Advent Set


Who do you say He is?

The Bible is filled with so many names and characteristics of God. This set of stickers features 36 of them (along with scripture verse references), illustrated with soft watercolors and soothing colors. Learning more about these descriptions of God helps us recognize Him and worship Him.

Advent tin 2020 is November 29 through December 24, and working through these names makes a great Advent practice as we anticipate celebrating the birth of Emmanuel. You’ll only need 26 stickers to fill the calendar, but you can use others in your journal or to seal envelopes.

Or, if you’d rather, skip the calendar and choose your own timeframe! You can simply place the stickers in your journal or notebook and do your own mini-study on these names of God by writing down the full verses and your prayers.

However you choose to use this set, remember: God is not just ONE thing. He is ALL THINGS!

Contains two 8.5×11″ sheets of stickers (1-5/8″ square with scalloped corners)—a total of 36 different names.

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