Book Club Collection Button Set


Just for fun… Some book clubs are more serious than others, but it seems some of these types are pretty universal. Which button would you grab? (Or would it change each month?) Buy a set of buttons to add a little more laughter to your next book group meeting.

Each of the 16 colorful buttons measures a refined 1″ across. Set includes one each:

• Didn’t read the book. I’m here for the wine.
• Not a hugger
• Never forgets your embarrassing moments
• What are we reading again?
• What’s for dessert?
• The unofficial organizer
• Whatever it is, I’ve already read it
• What’s for dessert?
• Introvert
• I hug everybody
• Always late
• Newbie
• Avoids conflict
• Life of the party
• I’ll sit over here with the dog
• I actually showed up this month!

(If there is someone in your group that is not represented in this set, message me with your ideas and I can replace one or two with buttons that would be more appropriate for you.)

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