Better Together: Exploring Sisterhood (a devotional)


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Sisters are many things. It doesn’t mean we’re exactly the same, just that we’ve made the decision to recognize each other as sisters. Because you call Him Father, we can call you sister! Explore what sisterhood means with this collection of devotions written by our leadership team. Read, reflect, pray, and journal your responses. We think you’ll discover what we believe to be true: There’s always room for one more sister in your life, because sisterhood is…better together.⠀

This collection of 14 devotions with related scriptures, reflection questions, and prayers first appeared at, but is now compiled in one place for easy reading and studying.• Sisterhood is Better Together • Sisterhood Allows You to Be You • Sisterhood is Being There for One Another • Sisterhood is Knowing You Are Not Alone • Sisterhood is Loving Each Other When the Chips Are Down • Sisterhood is Knowing Someone Has Your Back • Sisterhood is Being a Safe Place • Sisterhood Allows You to Take Off the Mask • Sisterhood is a Deep and Powerful Connection • Sisterhood is Forgiving When You’re Hurt • Sisterhood is Never Having to Go It Alone • Sisterhood is Extending Compassion • Sisterhood is All Because Christ Has Come • Sisterhood is Cheering Each Other On

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