Colorful Celebrations Perpetual Birthday & Anniversary Calendar


I’ve got my immediate family’s birthdays forever ingrained in my memory, plus a few others… but it never fails that I will see a friend’s birthday pop up on Facebook and wish I’d remembered to send a card. Now I have a solution for all of us—a perpetual calendar!

Fill the pages with all of your loved ones’ important dates: weddings, baptisms, graduations, employment anniversaries, bat or bar mitzvas, retirement, heavenly anniversaries, and more. But don’t stop there. Include the anniversary of the first time your friend snorted champagne out her nose because she was laughing so hard… the anniversary of the date you finally hit your weight-loss goal… the day on which your friend’s cancer treatments were finished forever… the date you moved into your new house… and any other occasions you might want to remember and reflect back on later.

Each calendar is 4.25 x 11″ and consists of 14 pages printed onto a smooth white uncoated 100 lb. cover stock in full color. Each page covers one month, with lines next to each date and even space to write in the year of the event. Each month features a different watercolor background with fun typography.

The Wire-O binding is white and has a hook for hanging on the wall beside your desk—or tuck it into a box with a stash of greeting cards and pull it out when you’re not hooked on the latest Netflix binge-worthy show. At the end of the year, simply flip back to January and start again!


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