2023 Prayer Prompt Calendar (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)

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Prayer is nothing if not a leap of faith. Even though I write about prayer, and create these calendars every year, I have had a couple years of really struggling to come to terms with my beliefs. And yet there are a couple things I just cannot and will not let go of. I may spend the rest of my life wrestling with questions surrounding prayer, but I do know this: I am a better person when I pray. My life is better and less focused on myself when I am actively seeking to spend time with God and find ways to love other people. My relationship with God is better. My awareness of other people’s needs and lives, my compassion and empathy, all of that increases when I pray. I become more thoughtful, forgiving, and generous. And one of the only ways I know to get to that place is through prayer.

So, how about it? Willing to take a leap of faith with me? You don’t have to understand prayer, you don’t even have to be convinced that prayer will change things. All you have to do is open your heart and try. Start the conversation. Where you go from there is up to you—and God. But I am hopeful that the prayer prompts that fill these pages will help you take that next step towards something fulfilling, something inspiring, something that will bring you peace and help you realize that you’re never walking alone. God is right there with you, all the way. 

But I’d be thrilled to get to play some small part in your journey.

* * *

Let these quirky, creative, fun prayer starters inspire you for an entire year with a new prompt every single day. Makes a great conversation starter when hanging by your desk—or cut it up for a colorful, creative bullet journal or prayer journal!

  • Each month is focused on a specific theme to help you jump-start your prayers creatively—and help you pray for people and situations you might never have thought of on your own. This calendar includes:
    • Pets & Animals (Jan.)
    • A Colorful Life (Feb.)
    • Sleep & Nighttime (March)
    • Yoga & Balance (April)
    • All Sports (May)
    • Hobby Time (June)
    • The Artsy Life (July)
    • Inspiring Nature (Aug.)
    • Going Places (Sept.)
    • Farm & Food (Oct.)
    • Games & Leisure (Nov.), and
    • Favorite Things (Dec.)
  • Great gift for Bible study friends, exercise partners, pastors and church leaders, teachers, family, friends, book clubs, neighbors, delivery people, prayer groups, coworkers, coaches, and more! (But don’t forget to treat yourself, too!)
  • This is a digital download, not a printed product. Two pages per month. You may print in color or B&W, although there is a lot of ink coverage.
  • Files are compressed and will need to be “unstuffed.” Downloadable file contains a file with the complete year as well as individual monthly files for printing.
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