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InstaPrayer: Prayers to Share

Want to pray but have no words? InstaPrayer’s colorful prompts are perfect to post on Instagram and other socials: Read. Pray. Snap. Share.

Sometimes the hardest part of having a vibrant prayer life is simply getting started. To help start that conversation in a quirky and non-threatening way, these prompts from author/artist Kelly Stanley open the door to creativity and are perfect for sharing on Instagram and other socials. With fun and colorful meme-like images, you will be encouraged to ask God to shelter someone who is going through a storm, pray for someone who is full of hot air, pray for the last person who texted you, and more. Each prayer prompt is designed to get attention on digital and paper pages alike.

InstaPrayer includes these prayer prompts:
Pray for someone who crosses paths with you regularly.
Thank God for a mistake you learned from.
Pray for someone with an amazing brain.
Give praise to someone who is doing a great job.
Pray for someone who seems to have the perfect Instagram life.


  • Bite-sized prayer prompts to reignite your prayer life
  • Full-color interior design using fun and vibrant colors
  • Presentation page for personalization
  • Perfect gift for hashtag-loving friend
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Graphics to Share

Click on a graphic and use the arrow in the upper right to download the image or share on social.

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Click here to download a PDF with tips and resources to help you share the love about InstaPrayer with your friends.