Prayer, Creativity & Faith

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I find coloring a way to unfocus my mind—which may seem counter-intuitive to prayer, but it isn’t. When I am not actively “thinking,” my mind can wander—one of the best formulas for creativity to blossom—and as I think-pray my rambling thoughts, offering them upwards towards God, I often hear...... More »

You Belong

52 Stories to Strengthen Your Purpose, Faith & Relationships I am delighted to be a contributor to this project. The BELONG tour, a new event from the team that brought you Women of Faith, is an experience that challenges women to pursue their best life. The BELONG team—a group...... More »


YOUR CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD CAN BE AS FUN AND CREATIVE AS HE IS. Whether you’ve been praying for a long time or are just beginning to, this eight-week adventure will infuse passion and creativity into your communication with God. When your prayers feel uninspired or routine . . . If...... More »

Praying Upside Down

A CHANGE IN PERSPECTIVE MAY BE EXACTLY WHAT YOUR PRAYER LIFE NEEDS When you talk to God, do you ever wonder if He hears? Do your prayers feel uninspired or routine? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t even know how to pray? Try praying upside down. Let artist...... More »